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About Globial

We are the world's most trusted network for buyer and supplier discovery. Our headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California in the United States.


Our mission is to make global trade easier by connecting trusted businesses around the world. Join Globial to source from suppliers easily and attract new customers.

What We Do

How can you trust a business that you've never worked with before? How can you trust a business thousands of miles away? We asked these same questions and came up with Globial, a network that helps your company discover credible buyers and suppliers. Globial works by revealing the "who works with who" network, meaning we show if a reputable company will has worked with many other companies. These companies act as References, helping to verify a company's credibility.

Imagine an overseas supplier you don't know anything about. Now imagine that 5 companies in your country, including 2 of your connections, has worked with that overseas supplier. Wouldn't you be better able to tell that it's a credible supplier? Globial helps reveal that network so you can find companies you can trust.

How We Do It

Globial is a business to business network that is helping businesses engage in global trade more easily and with greater trust. Some of the world's largest companies use Globial to trade easier. Our platform combines tools for networking, buying, selling, and company credibility.

We offer a business to business marketplace that makes sourcing and finding buyers easy. Companies can post Deals to attract new customers or Buyer Leads to get quotations without searching for suppliers. We match your Deal and Lead posts directly with interested buyers and sellers. Combined with our networking capabilities, Globial makes it easy to make new business contacts, source, and grow your business.

Company Info

Globial was cofounded by Umut Yildirim and Chadi Abousaleh in Sunnyvale, CA and was officially launched in November of 2010.

Globial has a diverse team of management, engineers, designers, and advisors with experience in the the world's largest companies, including Google, Sprint, Microsoft, UBS, and more.

Umut Yildirim - CEO

Umut Yildirim - CEO

Umut Yildirim is the founder and the CEO of Globial. He worked for a number of diverse international small and mid-size businesses in senior level executive positions. He is extremely passionate about SMEs, strategy management and internet communication. He holds a BSc. in Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and an MBA from the Barney School of Business. In his spare time, he enjoys running in Silicon Valley and playing Go as well as chess.

Chadi Abousaleh - CTO

Chadi Abousaleh - CTO

Chadi has been immersed in startup situations and new ventures for most of his career. Chadi designed an e-commerce platform for Sprint's largest corporate clients, including Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi. He also developed the first PHP-based solution for Oracle's supplier network. Chadi has also been a key player in several smaller startups. For Newport International, the team he led developed collaboration and conferencing web/desktop solutions later acquired by Marriott.

Our Future

We hope to create a place for the world's many and diverse small businesses to establish long lasting relationships with each other. Our community is constantly expanding with new users connecting everyday. We are passionate about our platform and our users; we are continually updating, upgrading, and improving our platform to better serve users.

Join Globial today. It's easy, simple, and completely free. 

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